EuroHealthNet announces a new 2014 - 2020 Strategy for improving Health Equity and Well Being

After a decade of work helping to improve health and tackle inequalities in the EU, EuroHealthNet members have unanimously agreed to implement a bold new plan to meet new European social, economic, environmental and health challenges in the period to 2020. The launch of the strategic plan 2014 - 2020 coincides with the return to work of the European Institutions after the summer break and anticipates the development of new EC programmes and WHO Europe meetings on public health, health systems and regional policies.

EuroHealthNet itself will remain as the prime body for governance and priority setting, building on its reputation of accountability and reliable advice between responsible bodies in states, regions and the EU institutions. But there will be launches of three operational pillars during the autumn of 2013:

HPE: Health Promotion Europe

This pillar, open to accountable public bodies and experts, will build on knowledge for capacity building in policy and practice using EU and national instruments and resources. It will include involvement in EU Joint Actions and projects in the area of public health and health promotion supporting States and Regions, and now including cities and local authorities.

The work undertaken through this pillar will particularly support the EU Health for Growth and Structural Funds Programmes and the WHO Action Plan on strengthening public health services.

CIRI: The Centre for Innovation, Research and Implementation in Health & Wellbeing

The Centre will build on work for health equity and sustainable development towards wellbeing objectives. The Centre will use case study and evaluation methodologies, will focus on translational knowledge development, and applying innovative approaches. It is open to relevant institutes, experts, researchers and decision makers and will particularly support the EU Horizon 2020 and other relevant programmes and the WHO 2020 strategy.

PHASE: The European Platform for Action on Social and Health Equity

This Platform will build on knowledge on wider determinants of social and health equity across all policies and practices within and beyond health and social systems. It will develop new multi-sectoral partnerships and is open to public, private and civil society bodies committed to achieving ethical objectives. Work undertaken in this pillar will particularly support the EU Social Investment and EASI programmes, and involves leadership of the WHO Europe working group on Communications, Advocacy and Social Mobilisation.

Specific launches of the three pillars and details of how to be involved will be rolled out during autumn 2013 to be fully operational in January 2014.

Director Clive Needle said today: "Challenging times in Europe mean we all need to step up to play our part and make our contribution to meeting the real needs of citizens. We have consulted with our members, decision makers and stakeholders to reach a new approach which merges some of the best of the proven, established ways of improving health and wellbeing, plus innovative new ideas about tackling the causes of inequities and illness. We are oriented to finding cost effective solutions and implementation in practice and policies across Europe through the period to 2020 and beyond. This will allow many more actors in more sectors to work in new partnerships with us to help meet economic, social, environmental and of course health needs. We extend a warm welcome to all who want to work with us and who we can support going forward".

For further information and any enquiries please contact EuroHealthNet Director Clive Needle via

For more information about EuroHealthNet's activities, read the 2012-2013 Annual Report published here