EuroHealthNet Annual Report 2016-2017 Our year: REJUVENATE.

EuroHealthNet Annual report 2016-2017

As Europe searches for responses to unprecedented challenges, we see that it is often the most vulnerable members of society who suffer the negative effects of ongoing changes. Over the last twelve months at EuroHealthNet, we have focused on considering how health promotion can continue to develop equitable, effective, and sustainable solutions to current and emerging health challenges such as health inequalities. Today, we launch our annual report 'Our Year: REJUVENATE' which details our progress.

“‘Our Year: REJUVENATE’ covers 12 months of our work in health promotion practice, policy, and research. It demonstrates how, by collaborating across sectors and borders, and by tackling the social determinants of health at EU, national, and local levels, improvements can be made to health and wellbeing.” - Caroline Costongs, EuroHealthNet Director.

Sustainability has been a recurring theme this year in our core activities. Good progress has been made in our Horizon 2020 ‘INHERIT’ project, with work on developing sustainable societies, systems, and practical solutions for modern lifestyles which will have positive long term benefits for health and the environment.

The European Pillar of Social Rights is, and will continue to be, pivotal for health and wellbeing in Europe. EuroHealthNet continues to demonstrate the links between health equity and the achievement of wider economic and social priorities.

The annual report describes the ways that EuroHealthNet helps member agencies increase capacity and knowledge, and build on best practices. We have improved access to new and important information, encouraged dialogue, and analysed policy while advocating for ‘health in all policies’. Highlights of the last year included successful international study visits and a well-attended conference on ‘Sustainable Societies: Health and Social Investment in the EU’ which created new exchange between national/regional bodies, Member States, and European Institutions. Work has also continued on chronic diseases, alcohol, mental health, the health of vulnerable groups, LGBTI communities, and welfare systems.

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EuroHealthNet is the European Partnership for improving Health, Equity, and Wellbeing. It brings together public bodies working at local to regional, national, and international levels across Europe. Our mission is to help build healthier communities and tackle health inequalities within and between European States.

The annual report can be downloaded here

The REJUVENATE statement and framework, launched in 2016, looks at the role and contribution of health promotion to achieving sustainable development and social progress – and thereby greater health and wellbeing in the coming decade. It includes ten steps to promote health in a rapidly changing world to create a healthier, more equitable and sustainable future. More information is available here.

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