EuroHealthNet launches its three new strategic initiatives for the public health and research communities at the EPH Conference

EuroHealthNet this week launches its three new strategic initiatives for the public health and research communities at the European Public Health Conference in Brussels. For the first time, EuroHealthNet is pleased to be a leading sponsor of the conference with EUPHA, ASPHER and others in association with inter-governmental bodies WHO Europe and the European Commission.

In a high profile ministerial plenary debate featuring Slovenia, Hungary, France and the European Parliament, EuroHealthNet director Clive Needle will discuss how the growing evidence for investing in health offers wider societal benefits in the wake of the European financial crisis. But he will call on public health experts and policy decision makers to do better to identify effective solutions to wider societal problems including social inequities, climate damage and the impacts of financial crises. He will announce the establishment of a new European Platform for Health and Equity (PHASE) to take initiatives to bring positive, timely and effective evidence into policy and legislation arenas.

In a conference workshop this will be further examined in the context of the launch of the new EuroHealthNet pillar Health Promotion Europe (HPE) which goes on stream from January 2014. This will offer public bodies a major new focus for building initiatives and capacities to act in states and communities. EuroHealthNet will lead presentations from the European Commission, NHS Scotland and NIPH Slovenia in identifying whole of government approaches towards building health improvements across all policies and contributing to Social Investment Plans for health.

In a further workshop together with RIVM Netherlands, University College London and Centre for Sustainable Production & Consumption Germany, EuroHealthNet will examine how sustainable development approaches linking health, environment and economic research can be achieved. EuroHealthNet will set out how its new pillar CIRI - the Centre for Innovation, Research and Implementation in health and wellbeing - can contribute to the European research area goals as part of the EU Horizon 2020 strategic programmes.

This theme will be developed in another workshop based on the outcomes so far of the EuroHealthNet major research project DRIVERS on key factors influencing social and economic determinants of health. Leading researchers from Germany, Sweden and London will present findings leading towards more effective policy and advocacy approaches.

In a busy conference period, EuroHealthNet speakers will also present and chair sessions on inequalities and regional investments. Last but not least, EuroHealthNet will host a welcome reception for delegates in the European Parliament with the kind support of the President of the Parliament Martin Schulz and several other MEPs, a reminder that public health celebrates 20 years of EU progress and looks ahead to the 2014 European elections.

Details related to the workshops chaired by EuroHealthNet are attached below:

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