EuroHealthNet launches a range of new communication channels: "Poverty is a public health emergency"

EuroHealthNet launches a range of new communication channels, in the frame of its new web portal - to highlight the close links that exist between health, poverty and social exclusion. Promoting health and achieving equitable health outcomes is not only crucial to tackle poverty and increase inclusion across the social gradient, it will also contribute to the EU goals of cohesion, wellbeing, economic sustainability and social progress. The new EuroHealthNet communication tools include one minute video on the consequences of poverty and social exclusion on health - " Poverty is a public health emergency" - which is available on EuroHealthNet's YouTube Channel.

In the EU, almost 120 million persons are at risk of poverty. Previous work led by EuroHealthNet has illustrated the cyclical relationship between health, poverty and social inclusion. There are many pathways via which poverty and social exclusion can lead to ill health and vice versa. Indeed, poor health and mental well-being may even be more prominent predictors of social exclusion than low income or paid employment. EuroHealthNet strongly supports the idea that public health and health promotion have a crucial, 'upstream' role to play in breaking this cycle.

The recently adopted Social Investment Package (SIP) provides Member States with guidance on more efficient and effective social policies in response to financial distress, increasing poverty and social exclusion, as well as booming unemployment rates, especially among young people. EuroHealthNet is fully committed to engaging in the implementation of SIP as well as its accompanying document 'Investing in Health'. Through its network, EuroHealthNet actively encourages decision-makers to take forward elements of the SIP in discussions in national and regional capitals. By participating in the meeting of the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion on 7th June, EuroHealthNet wishes to support the continuity of the Social Investment Package and the mutual reinforcement of stakeholders.

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