EuroHealthNet organises a study visit on advocacy for health equity

On the 1-2 October 2014, EuroHealthNet and its Finnish Member - the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) -  will jointly host a study visit for its members and partners on the topic of Advocacy for health equity.

Reducing health inequalities and moving towards health equity requires concerted action on the social determinants of health across policy sectors. Yet, despite a wealth of evidence showing associations between various factors and health, policy action has to much of an extent been limited or seemingly ineffectual at reducing health inequalities. Both the CSDH and the more recently published WHO-European Review identified advocacy as a key means of promoting favourable policy change, but actual evidence of how to do so is limited.

This study visit will be a chance to consolidate some of the learning from the DRIVERS project, learn how EuroHealthNet and its members and partners advocate and identify areas where knowledge is lacking or capacity limited. The overall aim of the study visit is to increase knowledge and capacity to effectively advocate for health equity.

For more information, contact EuroHealthNet Research and Evaluation Coordinator Linden Farrer.