EuroHealthNet publishes the 3rd edition of its online magazine

EuroHealthNet publishes the 3rd edition of its online magazine – available here - and welcomes two new members: the Tuscany Region and the Riga City Council.

Tuscany region explains the four primary objectives that revolve around the guiding idea of placing policies for health, the citizen, and the community in the center - here

Riga City Council Welfare Department describes how it has implemented intensive and extensive addiction prevention programmes targeting different population groups and professionals (i.e.: social workers, police officers, and teachers).

EuroHealthNet also welcomes a new partner to CIRI and PHASE: the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR). In this edition, SALAR explains how it supports municipalities, county councils and regions in developing knowledge, tools, strategies when it comes to promoting health in the population - here.

This Online Magazine 3rd edition also comments the European latest news.

For Caroline Costongs, the EC Communication on effective, accessible and resilient health services is promising but could also have outlined clearer and stronger recommendations on how the health sector can address health inequalities - here.

Clive Needle underlines the importance of the new EU Tobacco Products Directive - here.

We hope you will enjoy reading this edition and will not hesitate to comment our contributions.

To access the third edition of the EuroHealthNet online magazine, click here