EuroHealthNet welcomes the OECD study related to the health costs of road transport emission

EuroHealthNet has welcomed the publication of  OECD study related to the health costs of road transport emissions.

According to this study, the cost of air pollution to the world’s largest economies runs into the trillions of euros, with emissions from road transport accounting for about half of the total, according to a study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The study estimates the cost of air pollution to the OECD member countries and China and India, at $3.5 trillion (€2.6 trillion). The cost to the OECD’s club of 34 “advanced” economies, which includes the majority of EU countries, is an estimated $1.7 trillion (€1.2 trillion).

For Clive Needle, EuroHealthnet's Policy & Advocacy Director, “The evidence for the countries which are OECD members will add to the urgent imperative for actions, particularly in cities and urban areas, which have been identified for some time by the WHO, public health and environmental organisations. EuroHealthNet is hoping be part of EU consortia gathering further evidence and proposing solutions, and is part of a WHO Europe network on environmental economics which informs states.

An EU funded study on sustainable development for the decades ahead called SPREAD has already pointed to a host of actions needed by public and private sectors. In April, I personally participated in an important Ministerial event run by the Pan European Partnership of WHO and UNECE for Transport Health and Environment, which also took the case to a major transport conference in Paris. There are now terrific new tools and ideas available for people to use on the ground – we know how to act, but it takes effort, skill and some courage to bring about change in public and private ways of life. We all need to play a part, so we call on the new European Commission and Parliament  to also speed up all possible efforts to tackle these major health threats.”

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