EuroHealtNet calls for actions on “the right start to a Healthy Life”

There is a systematic correlation between health and social status in all EU countries. This correlation is evident among children and young people as well as among adults, and depends on many key factors, such as early childhood development, employment and work environment as well as income and social protection. EuroHealthNet has developed new, evidence-based tools which aim to contribute to efforts tackling health inequalities and help level-up socio-economic gradients in health. book!

EuroHealthNet released a book on the "right start to a healthy life". This book is based on studies carried out as part of the GRADIENTproject. The focus is families and children, given that inequalities during childhood have long-lasting negative impacts on health and well-being. Moreover, research shows that maximum impact can be achieved in these early years, by securing equal opportunities during childhood and adolescence.Based on concrete examples, the book identifies policy measures that can be taken to level socio-economic gradients in health.

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In addition to early childhood development, employment and work environment as well as income and social protection are also key drivers of health equity. EuroHealthNet is co-ordinating the DRIVERS project, which will focus on these three strategic determinants. Research within this project will review evidence and the methods to assess the impact of policies and programmes in those areas. Outcomes will be tested in practical case studies, and the project will also develop policy recommendations and advocacy guidance.

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With health systematically worsening with each step down the social ladder, evidence and recommendations on levelling-up the social gradient in health outcomes should be further supported by practical tools. In order to evaluate whether a policy has the potential to act against health inequalities and contribute to a society which values well-being for all, EuroHealthNet developed a web tool and an app. It includes a set of principles, procedures and mechanisms that can be applied to a wide range of policies.

The web tool is available here.

The app for smartphone is available here

Both DRIVERS and GRADIENT received EU funding from the Health Theme under the Seventh Framework programme for Research.

  • The electronic version of the book "The right start to a healthy life" is available here
  • To order copies of the book "The right start to a healthy life", contact Ariane Moret
  • For more information about DRIVERS project, please click here
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