European Public Health Action Plan: Consultation generates important feedback

More than 35 countries and international organizations, including 5 Directorates of the European Commission, made recommendations to revise both the structure and the contents of the draft European Public Health Action Plan.

The recommendations were made during a consultation meeting, which took place in Brussels on March 12-13, and was organized in partnership between WHO Europe and EuroHealthNet.

Jose Martin-Moreno, Director of Programme Management at WHO Europe, said "thehigh level of participation is a testimony to the timeliness of this action plan. We are particularly grateful to the many colleagues from the European Commission who came to lend their support". Reflecting on the support provided by EuroHealthNet, Jose Martin-Moreno added "we are tremendously indebted to EuroHealthNet for having mobilized such a broad spectrum of actors and helping us gather such valuable feedback on the Action Plan".

David Pattison, President of EuroHealthNet, said "we are happy that EuroHealthNet could play such a constructive role in contributing to an action plan that could potentially articulate the state of the art in Public Health and help all countries in the Region make progress in this direction".

Hans Kluge, Director of Health systems and Public Health at WHO Europe, said "while there is clearly a high level of enthusiasm surrounding the action plan, it is also clear that we need to continue working on the draft action plan to ensure that it sets a clear and forward looking direction for the years to come, and provides added value to all of our countries".

The final draft of the European Public Health Action Plan will be submitted to Regional Committee 62 in Malta in September 2012.

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