Gradient Application for Smart Phone and iPhone

EuroHealthNet designed the app 1.0 - a 'light' version based on the Gradient Evaluation Framework (GEF) - which is a detailed and comprehensive evaluation tool-kit developed from an EC FP7 Research Project, available here.

This app 1.0 only summarizes the key points and it is recommended to use the full GEF for a more thorough evaluation process.

All concepts, principles and underlying evidence can further be consulted in a book The Right Start to a Healthy Life" Levelling-up the Health Gradient Among Children, Young People and Families in the European Union - What works? Edited by Ingrid Stegeman and Caroline Costongs (March 2012) and to be downloaded here

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the use of this App, please contact Caroline Costongsor Ingrid Stegeman.

More information on the GEF App is available here