Invitation to Tender for Consultancy Services

EuroHealthNet invites tenders from experienced consultants to establish a multi‐party framework agreement for the provision of general consultancy services in the area of public health, health promotion and disease prevention. This call for tender comprises four separate lots (services). Applicants can submit a proposal for more than 1 Lot:

- Lot 1: Event Management

- Lot 2: Facilitation/Moderator Services

- Lot 3: Report Writing and Editing Services

- Lot 4: Evaluation Services

EuroHealthNet is a not‐for‐profit network of regional and national agencies whose aim is to help improve the health and health equity within and between EU states. Our Brussels‐based secretariat is funded in the main through Membership fees and EU project contracts. At times we require temporary external support relating to the organization of events, facilitation of workshops and meetings and production of reports associated with our various activities. Based on the offers received, EuroHealthNet will establish a panel of preferred external experts who meet the evaluation criteria. The framework agreement will be for a maximum duration of 3 years, subject to annual renewal.

All information are included in the document below.

The deadline to submit the tender is on Friday 21st June 2013at 12pm.

For more information, contact Elizabeth O'Connor