INVITATION TO TENDER: The Development of a EuroHealthNet Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Process

EuroHealthNet invites tenders from experienced consultants to develop a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy 2013‐2014 that will support the Network in systematic and effective engagement identifying objectives through to the approach to implementation. The Strategy should focus on Stakeholder Engagement with Private Sector for Profit Organisations, Foundations and Philanthropists within the parameters of the organisation's code of conduct.

In April 2013, EuroHealthNet adopted a new strategy from 2014 that includes new opportunities for engagement with a broader range of stakeholders to work together in the field of promotion of healthy lifestyles and the social determinants of health and in developing future project bids. Stakeholder engagement is viewed by EuroHealthNet as essential to fostering more sustainable practices.

The EuroHealthNet Stakeholder Engagement Process should set the vision and level of ambition of future engagement. It should include advice to the Management and Board on cost‐effective innovative initiatives that will support effective engagement and define a practical approach to Stakeholder Engagement for EuroHealthNet that includes:

  • Who the Network should engage with (in line with the organisation's statutes, code of conduct and ethical guidelines),
  • Why these organisations have been selected.
  • What the Network should engage with these organisations on and
  • How and When the network should approach these organisations regarding engagement

The final output will be a report covering these key areas and a presentation. What is of most importance is the quality of leads, with concrete indications of how EuroHealthNet can work together with the stakeholders identified for mutual benefit. It should include schedules and priorities and should not be just a long list of potential stakeholders. It would also be of benefit to include advice on what NOT to do - identifying which Stakeholders are not suitable for engagement and the reasons why. It is expected that the report will be developed over the month of August with a final report and presentation to be delivered to Board and Staff in September 2013.


  • Experience and knowledge of Stakeholder Engagement particularly Engagement between NGOs and Private Sector for Profit Organisations, Foundations and Philanthropists.
  • Demonstrated experience of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and Fundraising Campaigns
  • Demonstrated experience in producing Strategic Documents of this nature
  • Excellent written and communication skills and preferably experience of writing similar types of strategic documents.
  • Fluent in English (additional languages are an asset)
  • Knowledge of Non for Profit/Charity Sector and workings of an organization with values and ethics designed within a framework of social inclusion, sustainable development and related concepts
  • Knowledge about EuroHealthNet and the European Policy Making Environment is an asset
  • Demonstrate an interest and understanding of public health and social inequity

Tenders will be accepted by post and email and should be submitted to: Elizabeth O'Connor byMonday 29 July the latest.

Operations Manager,


67 Rue de La Loi,

B‐1040 Brussels