Meeting of the Gradient project

On 28-29 March, a Project Steering Group Meeting was held at the headquarters of Eurohealthnet in Brussels. The meeting outlined the progress and the preliminary results of the project. The key issues highlighted included: the development of the Gradient Evaluation Framework (GEF); discussion of the interviews conducted with policy makers; an analysis of contextual factors (welfare) affecting the implementation of policies aimed at leveling the gradient; the discussion of results concerning factors and barriers influencing the effects of policies (such as social capital). Based on the results of the study, the Gradient partners draw some preliminary recommendations in line with the Europe 2020 strategy.

During the meeting, the development of a book was discussed as well, which is based on the results of the Gradient project. The book will explain the issue of the health gradient and offer some practical guidance to policymakers and experts in the area of public health intervention among children in Europe.

A 3rd issue of the Gradient newsletter will be published in the first week of June. This issue will be concerned with the differential impact of policies on children of different socioeconomic groups. Besides, it will highlight some news items and events, which are of relevance to this topic.

A joint workshop will take place on 21-22 of June as a further update for the partners of the Gradient project.

More information about the Gradient project can be found under the current projects sectionof the website.