Report of The WHO Europe Ministerial Conference on Nutrition, NCDs and Europe 2020, Vienna

Clive Needle participated in the WHO Ministerial Conference on Nutrition & NCDs in Vienna, during which he moderated a discussion panel on childhood obesity and inequities comprising health Ministers of Albania, Azerbaijan and Latvia plus senior officials from Russia and Malta. The session was introduced by a presentation from Dr John Ryan, EU director of Public Health, who reported the newly published Monitoring report on the EU Nutrition Strategy. EuroHealthNet participates in the EU Platform on Diet, Physical Activity & Health and is also participating in the WHO Europe Public Health Action Plan including groups on health promotion and communications in addition to other initiatives with its members.

The main output of the conference was a Ministerial Declaration which will now be considered for action by the WHO Europe Regional Committee in September.

Clive Needle commented: ''EuroHealthNet was pleased to be supportive for this important event and process which will lead to new and renewed actions by states and international organisations to tackle obesity. There were detailed discussions on how policy and practice changes are needed in the context of Europe 2020 strategies and emerging evidence, such as the impact of fiscal measures in some European states which are of great interest, and new reports of commercial impacts by the World Bank and others. We will review and renew our efforts to improve work through the EU Platform, EU Joint Actions on NCDs and other mechanisms, and the imminent launch of our own new strategy from 2014 will, I believe, play an important innovative role to help initiatives for our members, the EU and WHO. We will follow up in discussion with Dr Joao Breda, Dr Gauden Galea and other WHO leading officials on how we can contribute most effectively to improve health for all in Europe by 2020 - and to help meet the UN target of a 25% reduction in NCD impacts by 2025.''

Reports of the two days are available at the links below, together with the EU Report as indicated:

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  • To access the final report on the evaluation on the implementation of the strategy for Europe on nutrition, overweight and obedity related health issues, click here

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