UK withdrawal from the EU – Next steps






Brussels, June 30th 2016

UK withdrawal from the EU: Next steps

EuroHealthNet is committed to improve health equity and wellbeing across Europe. Clearly, following national referendums, this is a transitional period. To clarify our situation, EuroHealthNet comprises members from within EU member states and beyond. We have always included members from Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and south east Europe in our work, for example. We have a legal statute acting as an international organisation within Belgian law; our operations are organised from our office in Brussels. Therefore nothing changes at this time for EuroHealthNet. We continue to welcome existing and new members and partners from across Europe who seek common objectives.

We are monitoring developments closely in states, regions and at EU levels. We believe firmly that partnerships to help improve health, equity and wellbeing will be needed more than ever in changing times. We take an approach based on evidence to build knowledge and understanding, so share now this concise factual guide to next steps regarding the potential withdrawal of the UK from the EU, which has been produced by the European Parliamentary Research Service. We hope you will find this helpful. We will report and contribute the perspectives of our members to discussions about developments.  

If you have any further questions please contact Clive Needle

Please follow this link to access the "at a glance" document.