EuroHealthNet Magazine - Edition 8

EuroHealthNet Magazine issue 8
EuroHealthNet Magazine Cover Issue 8

The EuroHealthNet magazine highlights the most interesting projects and developments in the field of health promotion in Europe. 

In this Issue: 

  • Health Promotion and prevention as part of primary care services in Hungary
  • How the Netherlands and PHAROS are reducing health inequalities and improving health literacy
  • The alcohol harm paradox – Or why alcohol related harm affects poor people more, although they drink less
  • The Riga Initiative: Cross-border collaboration for healthier lifestyles and healthy tourism
  • A multi-disciplinary and knowledge exchange approach to health promotion at the DoRS Centre, Italy
  • TEAviisari, a tool for benchmarking health promotion capacity building in Finland
  • 30 Years after the Ottawa Charter: Is it Still Relevant in the Face of Future Challenges for Health Promotion?