EuroHealthNet Magazine Winter 2017

EuroHealthNet Magazine winter 2017

EuroHealthNet magazine features the most noteworthy projects and developments in the field of health equity, and health promotion in Europe today.

Modern and dynamic responses to public health challenges, explained by those working at the front line.

Making the shift to prevention and promotion

I write this editorial having just returned from a meeting at an economics think-tank. There, I was pleased to hear arguments [...]

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Digital Marketing to Children: a New Public Health Challenge

Companies are increasingly using digital channels to market products to children. Why is digital marketing so effective? Should we be concerned about [...]

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The new food and activity triangles

New nutrition and physical activity guides have just been published by the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living. Designed to make every citizen [...]

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Can social investment help the public sector become outcomes focused?

The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) represents all local and regional authorities in Sweden. For the last six years [...]

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Health Diplomacy – past, present and future

Interest in the topic of health diplomacy has been growing recently. This article describes how health diplomacy has developed , and considers [...]

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Citizen Science in the Public Health field –win some, lose some

Can lay people do public health research? And if so, what would be the challenges and benefits? These questions were at the [...]

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CHAIN – a new centre for the international study of socioeconomic inequalities in health

A new research centre focusing on global health inequalities was launched at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) on 23 [...]

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Improving the health of people in isolated and vulnerable situations.

We are witnessing a general decline in the health of people in vulnerable and isolated situations. This article looks at the common challenges [...]

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Linking International Health Cooperation and Migration: The Global Health Center of Tuscany Region

The Global Health Centre (GHC) facilitates the development of synergies among different groups of professionals working in the Tuscany Region in [...]

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80 Ways to a more sustainable future

What kind of policies, practices or innovations are being applied across the EU that support people’s efforts to behave in ways that [...]

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Addressing Health Inequalities faced by LGBTI people

On the 1st and 2nd of February 2018, during the Health4LGBTI conference in Brussels, the European Commission will launch a new and [...]

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