National Public Health Center

Contact Information

Peter Csizmadia

Albert Flórián út 2-6

1097 Budapest,

The National Public Health Center (NPHC) functions as a central budgetary authority being a central agency under the direction of the Minister responsible for public health. NPHC has national competence within its scope of activities.

In order to fulfil the public health goals set out in the legislation, NPHC performs managing, coordinating and supervising activities related to public health (especially environmental and settlement health, food and nutritional health, child and young health, radiohygiene and chemical safety), epidemiology, health development (health protection, health education, health promotion), and public health administration, as well as supervision of healthcare provision. Furthermore, on the basis of delegated competence NPHC carries out tasks and duties relating to occupational health (workplace hygiene, occupational medicine), exercises and executes private law rights and duties in the field of occupational health.

NPHC is managed by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO). The CMO is involved in exercising powers granted to the Minister as professional manager over the government offices of the capital city and of the counties (hereinafter: government office) and the subregional (or district) offices acting in their public health function (hereinafter: subregional office).