Piedmont Regional Health Promotion Documentation Center (DoRS) - ASL TO3

Contact Information

Dr. Claudio Tortone
Paola Ragazzoni

Centro Regionale di Documentazione per la Promozione della Salute

Via Sabaudia 164

10095 Grugliasco (TO)


DoRS – Health Promotion Documentation Center of Piedmont Region

Who we are

We are a documentation center established by the Region of Piedmont in 1998. Working at the center is a group of professionals in documentation, communication, planning, training, and evaluation.


We help to disseminate the culture and practice of health prevention and promotion and we support actions for their sustainable development.


We provide access to robust and up-to-date documentation of the efficacy of public health projects and interventions through the Health in All Policies approach. We facilitate processes of knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE). We provide data, scientific evidence, regulations, models and tools, good practices and training courses for planning, managing, and evaluating health prevention and promotion interventions with an equity focus.


We provide Piedmont regional government and Local Health Units with the necessary scientific, methodological support for health promotion and prevention actions and strategies. In addition, we help decision makers and health practitioners to improve their skills through:

  • Participation in work groups and local, regional, and international networks and projects
  • Translation, summarizing, and adaptation of documentation
  • Dissemination of social marketing and health communication strategies
  • Database creation and management
  • Evaluation of projects and good practices
  • Training and continuing professional education in health prevention and promotion
  • Management of a specialist periodicals library


Our guiding principles are:

  • The principles of scientific transparency and independence, as we belong to no organization with vested interests that could bias our activities.
  • The recommendations outlined in the Ottawa Charter (1986) and the Shanghai Declaration promoting health in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the WHO/Europe Health 2020 strategy.
  • Core competencies and professional standards for health promotion practitioners required by the accreditation system CompHP. Developing competencies and professional standards for health promotion capacity building in Europe (International Union for Health Promotion and Education - IUHPE, 2012)

Target audience

Our target audience is composed of people interested in individual and community health and well-being, particularly the practitioners and professionals in the health care, education, social and culture sectors and the administrators and decision makers at local, regional, and national levels in:

  • Regional governments and local authorities
  • Local health units and hospitals
  • Ministry of Health and Istituto Superiore di Sanità
  • Regional and local school offices and schools of all levels
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Third sector agencies

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