Regional Healthcare and Social Affairs Agency of Puglia

Contact Information

Giovanni Gorgoni

Via Gentile n. 52

70126 Bari


The Strategic Regional Agency for Health and Social Affair of Puglia (AReSS Puglia) is the technical support of the Regional Government's Healthcare and Social affair and sports for all Department. In the last 6 years has been promoting Health Innovation processes, Research and Internationalization of Healthcare Systems and Social services. 

To this extend Ares established as part of the internal organizational model two Units dedicated namely to:

  • Health technology Assessment
  • Internationalization of Healthcare Services and Relations with EU.

In the overall reorganization of the Puglia Regional Governance System, called MAIA, the organizational model relies on two main pillars: 

  • One represents the "Strategic Agency" with exploration functions 
  • The other represents the "Department" with exploitation functions. 

The Regional healthcare Strategic Agency therefore has the responsibility to promote research and innovate processes, as well as assessing the outcomes and results of projects in order to hand them on to the Health Social Care and Sport Department for full scale deployment of successful experimentation. 

Furthermore in Puglia, the Regional Governor is also Health Minister. This choice was made to guarantee direct control of the Healthcare and Digital Agenda in the full acknowledgment of the pivotal role played by the Healthcare System in the economy of a Region and therefore the need to directly foster and influence inter sector innovative policies that could speed up the overall regional economic growth.