Riga City Council Department of Welfare

Contact Information

Irěna Kondrăte
Nikola Tilgale-Platace
+37 167105174

Baznicas street 19/23
1010 Riga – Latvia

The main goal in public health of the Riga city municipality is clearly defined in 2012 by Riga city council when it approved its public health strategy for the period 2012-2021. The aim is to improve the health of the population of Riga and to reduce premature deaths. To achieve this goal, the public health strategy defines the following objectives:

  • To reduce the incidence of non-communicable diseases, including addiction prevention;
  • To improve people’s knowledge about healthy lifestyles ;
  • To promote a healthy and safe city , learning and working environment;
  • To improve health care services for the city of Riga.

To ensure that the objectives defined in the strategy are introduced, Riga's city council approved the Action Plan for the implementation of the strategy in 2012 -2016 , the Action Plan aims to promote interdisciplinary collaboration on public health  and to  introduce the "health in all policies " concept in the municipality of Riga. The aim of the local government is to create conditions in which the healthy choices for the population are easily accessible and convenient.