Veneto Region

Contact Information

Amleto Cattarin
+32 (0)2 743 70 20

Veneto Region Palazzo Balbi Dorsoduro, 3901 IT-30123 Venezia – Italy

Brussels Representative Office Health and Social Affairs Office Avenue de Tervueren, 67 BE-1040 Brussels – Belgium

Veneto Region is an Italian regional authority. It aims to guarantee the fulfillment of the personal expectations of its citizens as well as their participation to the political, economic and social resources of the region. The objectives of its Health and Social Affairs Department are to better implement an essential level of care provision and to increase health prevention and promotion.

The Veneto Region is situated in the North-Eastern part of Italy and it is divided into seven provinces with about 4,7 million inhabitants living in 580 municipalities (2006). About 71% of the population live in towns with fewer than 30.000 inhabitants and the average population density is 244,2 per km². The percentage of foreign citizens resident in the Region is about 6,8% (2007).  The Veneto has a positive growth rate (0,5%) and a growing population above the age of 65 (17,5%). The GDP (2005) per capita is 27.691 € higher than the Italian average (23.474 €). The expenditure in R&D is 0,59% of the GDP.

The Regional Government is based in Venice.