EuroHealthNet External Evaluation

EuroHealthNet appointed an external evluator in November 2014 to undertake an independent evaluation and impact assessment of their programmes, activities and the organisation as a whole over the 2015-2017 period.  

EuroHealthNet is supported by a core fund granted by the European Commission, administered by DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion (DG EMPL) through the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI).

The Terms of Reference for the evaluation identified several broad questions to be addressed which relate to EuroHealtNet’s ability to champion health and address social determinants of health in Europe; how partnerships have been strengthened to advance the European health and social determinants of health agenda; whether participation of member state health agencies and institutes in the European Semester process and Social Investment Package (SIP) has increased; the involvement of stakeholders in programmes and initiatives undertaken by EuroHealthNet; whether capacity building and training provided by EuroHealthNet has resulted in improved operations at regional and national level for achieving health equity and to explore whether any lessons can be learned to guide future EuroHealthNet policies, initiatives and strategy in the coming years.

Evaluation Report - 2015

Evaluation Report - 2016

Evaluation Report - 2017

Evaluation Report (2015-2017)