Launch of the European Alliance for Mental Health in all Policies to promote mental well-being in the workplace

03 September 2015

GGZ  Nederland - EuroHealthNet Dutch Partner -  has launched the European Alliance for Mental Health in all Policies together with the European Association of Paritarian Institutions (AEIP), the International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM), the  European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and Mental Health Europe (MHE).

The Alliance aims at promoting mental wellbeing in the workplace and the implementation of existing guidelines. Mental health is an asset for our economy, instead of a burden on Member States’ budgets. Although  overwhelming  evidence  about  the  impact  of  ill  mental  health  is  now  widely available,  a  comprehensive  and  inspiring  plan  of  action  to  improve  mental  health  policies and practices in Europe is still lacking.

Therefore,  AEIP,  AIM,  EPHA,  GGZ  Nederland  and  MHE,  all  partners  of  the  European Alliance  for  Mental  Health  in  all  Policies,  are  committed  to  promote  and  improve  mental health in Europe by jointly promoting a European Implementation Program for Mental Health in all Policies. Persons with positive mental health are in better physical health, are more productive and innovative, earn higher incomes on average and hence have a higher socioeconomic status. The EU indicates that the total  costs of work-related mental health diseases and conditions in  the  EU27  are  nearly  €  610  billion  per  year.  Apart  from  persons  with  mental  ill  health themselves, various sectors have reasons to see this situation improve:
• the employers due to absenteeism and presenteeism (€ 270 billion)
• the economy in terms of lost output (€ 240 billion)
• the healthcare systems due to treatment costs (€ 60 billion)
• the social welfare systems due to disability benefit payments (€ 40 billion)

  • For more information, contact the Senior policy adviser at GGZ Nederland, Chris Nas here
  • To access the full version of the press release, click here
  • To access the document "Mental health: boost for economic recovery in Europe Towards a European Implementation Program for Mental Health", click here
  • To access the "European Alliance on Mental Health in All Policies Action plan 2015 - 2016", click here


Picture - Chris Nas - Senior policy adviser at GGZ Nederland