Region Vastra Gotaland: Seminar "LGBT for an inclusive Europe - put health equity on the agenda"

07 October 2014

In the framework of the Open Days, the Public Health Secretariat of Region Västra Götaland, forum SKILL (non-profit organisation) and RFSL (The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights) organise two workshops on "LGBT for an inclusive Europe - put health equity on the agenda".

Region Västra Götaland is committed to work towards a socially inclusive society, acknowledging the connection between health and growth. Social inclusion must thus include the concept of health, which in terms requires a holistic approach to the individual. Early investment in people’s abilities, and the right to live the life one wants to, is a fundamental aspect of health. 

In their efforts to make reality of the EU2020 goals for social inclusion, the region has come across marginalized groups. People who challenge the standard values concerning gender, sexuality and ability are invisible on the health equity agenda, and thus even further away from a socially inclusive society. The seminars aim at connecting the LGBT* perspective and inclusion for people who are intellectually challenged to the health equity agenda. A film screening and the presentation of a web forum will provide some examples of best practices in this field. 

A high-level networking cocktail is foreseen the evening before, on the 6th of October.

*LGBT – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender 

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