Trade, Growth, Equity and Health - Understanding TTIP and Europe

17 July 2015

As a way of providing more and better information on TTIP and related European issues, while particularly focusing on the Welsh context, Public Health Wales (PHW) is organising a developmental event aiming to:

  • Increase engagement and understanding of European Issues in Wales.
  • Increase  networking  between  individuals  interested  in  European  and  other international issues related to public health.
  • Promote understanding of links between economic and health issues.
  • Link Public Health Wales with key stakeholders on a national and international basis.

The event will be chaired by PHW Chief Executive Dr Tracey Cooper.  Presenters and participants include representatives from Welsh Government, European Commission, UK Faculty of Public Health, Members of Parliament, NHS Wales, Welsh NHS Confederation, UK Department of Health, Public Health England, Universities, NGOs and others. Full programme with more information will follow soon.

For more information, see the attached document here