Public Health Regulation Department

Contact Information

Germaine Gauci
John Attard Kingswell
+356 2595 3303​

Office of the Superintendence of Public Health

St. Luke’s Hospital

First Floor, Ex-Outpatients Dept.

St. Luke’s Square

Pieta PTA 100


The Public Health Regulation Department / Superintendence of Public Health is responsible to develop and implement strategies to promote and improve public health; issue standards for public health; licence health care service and diagnostic facilities; regulate health care professions; advise the Minister responsible for Health on matters regarding public health; ensure that the regulatory functions emanating from law are properly discharged and carry out any other function emanating from national legislation.

The Superintendent of Public Health gives direction to the directorates falling within the Superintendence of Public Health including the Environmental Health Directorate, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate and the Health Care standards Directorate.​