The Partnership

The EuroHealthNet partnership is made up of organisations leading in public health, health promotion, and disease prevention working together to reduce health inequalities and improve health for all.

EuroHealthNet’s work is structured around three collaborating platforms which focus on practice, policy, and research, in addition to some core member services.

EuroHealthNet members are accountable public bodies with responsibilities and/or expertise in public health, health promotion, health inequalities, disease prevention, or other relevant fields. Usually national or regional institutes, authorities and government departments, they work on improving health, addressing the social determinants of health, and/or reducing health inequalities. Members are part of all platforms and receive a number of additional core member services. They set the direction of the partnership.

In order to allow non-statutory bodies such as universities, non-governmental and civil society organisations, and other international networks to become part of EuroHealthNet, the Associate Membership category was developed. Associate members choose to become part of one of the three platforms; both the fees and the services are reduced.

More information about the benefits for EuroHealthNet members is available in the EuroHealthNet Membership Benefits flyer.

To find out more about working with EuroHealthNet, contact us.