What is the European Platform on Health and Social Equity (PHASE)

Created to actively contribute to the EU 2020 Strategy, support the achievement of the related poverty target and help implement  the European Social Investment Package launched in 2013, the European Platform for Action on Health and Social Equity (PHASE) is EuroHealthNet’s advocacy and policy-oriented body. PHASE brings together health organisations and a wider range of partners from relevant fields in public, private and voluntary sectors willing and able to work on addressing the health wider determinants. PHASE aims to encourage public health communities to play an active role in the achievement of the EU’s societal objectives while implementing the Health in All Policies approach.

The special value of this initiative is that it builds on the ‘’nutcracker effect’’ – policy development and wide public engagement – advocated by the WHO Commission on Social Determinants for Health. The aim is to identify areas of specific added value with regards to the fight against social inequalities in health, particularly working on the implementation of approaches using the EU mechanisms and instruments beyond but close to the health sector. The idea is also to help shape national policies and social protection and health systems in a complementary, integrated, effective, adequate and sustainable way.