The Health Foundation

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Dr. Jo Biddy
Mr. Daniel Knag

The Health Foundation

90 Long Acre

London, WC2E 9RA

United Kingdom

The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the UK.

Its aim is a healthier population, supported by high quality health care that can be equitably accessed. The Health Foundation learns what works to make people’s lives healthier and improve the health care system. From giving grants to those working at the front line to carrying out research and policy analysis, it shines a light on how to make successful change happen.

The Foundation makes links between the knowledge it has gained from working with those delivering health and health care and its research and analysis. The aspiration is to create a virtuous circle, using what is know to work on the ground to inform effective policymaking and vice versa.

The Health Foundation believes good health and health care are key to a flourishing society. Through sharing what is learned, collaborating with others and building people’s skills and knowledge, the Foundation aims to make a difference and contribute to a healthier population.