Association Pianoterra

Contact Information

Irene Esposito
+39 081 293 433

Piazza San Domenico Maggiore 3

Naples 80134


The Association Pianoterra Onlus helps and supports vulnerable families. Their services are directed primarily to mothers and their children, because by improving the starting conditions of a young life, many of the health and developmental problems induced by poverty and social isolation can be prevented and their transmission from one generation to the next averted.

The name “Pianoterra”, “ground floor”, signals our street-level, eye-level approach to the lives of the vulnerable families who are served. It helps the association understand both the daily hardships they contend with and their capacity for more fully developing their potential.

Pianoterra establishes with each mother a “pact of mutual commitment and responsibility.” The material aid provided to mothers for free meets urgent needs – for powdered milk, baby clothes, and other items. But this is just the starting point. Their multidisciplinary team of experts custom-tailors a plan for each family, and coordinates it with the network of family service agencies and organizations they partner with. The plans link family members with services that can strengthen their health and well-being, and help them gain confidence in their own talents, skills, and capabilities.