Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso Foundation

Contact Information

Paula Maria Mendes Nanita Lopes de Oliveira
Mafalda Luisa Figueiredo Lourenço

Av. Dr. Mária Moutinho (ao Restelo)

1400-136 Lisboa


Since 1951, the N. S. Bom Sucesso Foundation's mission has been to promote health and human development. We provide special care to child and maternal health, ensuring a service of excellence regardless of the patients’ socio-economic status.

Our approach includes regular health screenings which enable the early detection and diagnosis of abnormalities, as well as the monitoring and treatment of most cases of identified diseases. It also includes health education activities, in order to provide each patient and family the necessary information for the adoption of healthy behaviors and lifestyles.

To stimulate child development through health promotion is critical for the human development. This is the vision that guides the Foundation to provide a model of healthcare services based on best practices of preventive medicine and nursing, acting prematurely, preventing and managing disease.