In light of proposed important changes to the EU’s multi-annual financial framework (MFF) to kick start the European economy, we invite colleagues from EuroHealthNet member organisations to join an interactive online meeting to uncover together new opportunities to fund health promoting activities.

Investing in health and wellbeing is first and foremost a government responsibility, which requires priority setting and adequate public budgets. However, national budgets are limited and will be even more so after we have tackled the global pandemic. As a result, we have to think more broadly and innovatively about the tools at our disposal (locally and at the European level) to finance health promoting services.

In the course of this session, we will also present and show how to navigate the e-Guide on Financing Health Promoting Services. We will learn about the social outcomes contract for a preventive and healthy workplace in Sweden, a case study that is featured in the e-guide. There will be enough time to answer your questions.

11.00 Introduction
11.05 New EU budget: funding health promotion? (Dorota Sienkiewicz, EuroHealthNet)
11.15 Q&A: Exchange between members and EuroHealthNet
11.45 Presentation of the e-Guide on Financing Health Promoting Services (Lina Papartyte, EuroHealthNet)
11:55 Case study from the eGuide: Social Outcome Contracting (Tomas Bokström, Research Institutes of Sweden, RISE)
12.10 Q&A (about the eGuide and the case study)
12.25 Conclusions and next steps
12.30 End

Moderator – Alison Maassen, EuroHealthNet


Find the event report here.