Call and commitment for action to take REJUVENATE forward 2017 – 2020


The EuroHealthNet statement on Promoting Health and Well Being towards 2030 and the REJUVENATE Framework for Health Promotion was developed in 2016 in consultation with EuroHealthNet members and partners, and in preparation for the 9th Global Conference on Health Promotion.

The purpose of this call and commitment for action is to remind, encourage and strengthen the implementation of EuroHealthNet statement and Framework over the coming years.

The EuroHealthNet General Council, meeting in Helsinki on 1-2 June 2017, noting developments since its previous annual meeting in 2016:

A: at international and European levels, including:

  • The Shanghai Declaration on promoting health in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • The EC proposal for an EU Pillar of Social Rights;
  • The EC White Paper on the Future of the EU;
  • The WHO Europe Paris Conference on inter-sectoral actions for health and wellbeing;
  • The EU Communication on implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, and national voluntary reviews; The State of Health in the EU initiative

B: Key publications brought forward by EuroHealthNet, including:

  • Statement on health inequalities co-signed by 30 members of the EU Health Policy Forum
  • Position statements on the proposed EU Pillar of Social Rights;
  • The EuroHealthNet Annual Report 2016-2017
  • The INHERIT baseline evidence on moving, consuming and living in the EU;
  • The CHRODIS ’12 steps’ recommendations on tackling chronic diseases;

C: Key points from its seminar on “Tackling health inequalities in a fast changing world” at the General Council meeting in Helsinki, 31 May 2017

  • Health is a political choice; improving and sustaining it should be a high priority for the future of the EU. Joining forces across policies and sectors, sharing responsibilities, and mutually reinforcing efforts by collective investments and responsibilities are of utmost importance.
  • Health inequalities vary substantially between and within countries. Gaps must be closed by fairer allocation of resources, priorities and by taking advantage of the most effective, integrated health, employment and social systems and policies.
  • Innovation, the digital agenda and experiments must go hand in hand with equity and wellbeing objectives, and take account of developments in technology, employment and welfare investments.

1. CALLS ON policy makers, practitioners and researchers to also take forward, support, implement and improve the REJUVENATE framework and promote health in a rapidly changing world by:


2. AND to join us in our commitment to take the ten REJUVENATE steps towards the 2030 agenda for health promotion and sustainable development by being:

  • Responsive: adapt to challenges and use new opportunities;
  • Equitable: address the causes of the causes;
  • Joined Up: build partnerships and governance across sectors;
  • Updated:  be proactive and smart to influence 21st century realities;
  • Value driven: develop values and rights for health in new contexts;
  • Ethical: apply and promote the fairest standards in all we do;
  • New: create and implement new ideas;
  • Active: practice inclusive engagement;
  • Technological: understand and apply technical and digital advances;
  • Ecological: sustain and protect our environments

3. COMMITS to help to take forward, lead and support efforts towards sustainable health equity and wellbeing by:

  • Stepping up our efforts to tackling the determinants of health and inequities.
  • Applying a life-course approach, to leave no one behind, also acknowledging that disadvantages accumulate over life and a good start in life is key.
  • Supporting healthy places, environments and communities;
  • Involving new allies at all levels and develop partnerships.
  • Strengthening health promoting systems, and ensuring that health systems are equitable.
  • Strengthening public health and health promotion research, innovation and evaluation, also promoting the use of evidence, information and research for policy and practice.

EuroHealthNet will monitor and review progress through its Executive Board and evaluations at its annual General Council Meetings.   --  Helsinki, June 2 2017.


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