On the surface, the steps to closing the gap between research findings and existing clinical practice are simple: 1. Identifying good practice; 2. Piloting; 3. Scaling-up. However, promising initiatives – and the big players overseeing them – often get stuck at the first step. At the same time, mechanisms like crowdfunding and startups have proven to mark a shift from the few major payers towards community-driven initiatives, often based on ideas and passion.

11:30-13:00, 2 October 2020

This session, part of European Health Forum Gastein 2020, will showcase how ideas and passion on a small scale can be transferred to cross-national learning while respecting national interests, and explore the success factors to piloting, transferring and sustaining good practices that benefit patients affected by chronic disease. We will showcase outcomes of the CHRODIS+ Joint Action, focused on supporting Member States in scaling up practices aimed at reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases, and discuss how learnings on both the successes and barriers from the Joint Action can be taken forward to help health stakeholders achieve policy impact in the future. Join us to be guided through the potential dancing steps of ambitious partnerships in the battle against chronic disease!

Organised by CHRODIS PLUS Joint Action on Implementing Good Practices for Chronic Disease.

A recording of this session is available here.