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Consultation on “air quality – revision of EU rules”

23 November, 2021
Banner EuroHealthNet Consultation Response

Responding to a consultation on EU is revising air quality standards, to align them more closely with the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

In the revisions, EuroHealthNet recommends the following:

  • act on differential impacts of air pollution/quality on vulnerable groups and their health outcomes, as well
    the opportunities and means to act,
  • advocate actions along a social gradient and through proportionate universalism, to capture the larger
    population group which faces sub-optimal EU’s air quality standards/conditions but is not considered
  • inform (and invest in health literacy, awareness and understanding) on air pollution-related health threats;
  • promote a wide understanding and addressing of social and environmental inequalities in health, e.g. by
    systematic application of health (equity) impact assessments, realising the health, social and climate cobenefits,

Read the full consultation response

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