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EuroHealthNet input to the EC Roadmap consultation on the 8th progress report on economic, social and regional cohesion

9 March, 2021
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EuroHealthNet believes that the 8th report on economic, social and territorial disparities should include a greater focus on health inequalities, as a key indicator of whether the investments being made to improve cohesion are truly benefiting the health of people and generating more well-being across societies. Since the publication of the 7th progress report on economic, social and regional cohesion, the situation across the EU and the world has dramatically changed. The COVID-19 syndemic, which can be seen as symptom of the chronic environmental crisis we face, has made all too clear the inter-relationship between health and the economy. However, this time also provides an opportunity to reassess our values and invest in initiatives that strengthen the EU’s social foundations, while re-orienting economic activities to respect planetary boundaries.

EuroHealthNet recommends the following to strengthen cohesion and to deliver on the EU’s priorities in relation to achieving a fair green and digital transition:

  • Systematically include health and health equity in assessments of regional disparities.
  • Assess the extent to which a wide range of sectors, including the health and social sectors, are collaborating to define and implement funding priorities.
  • Encourage EU Member States to develop pan-governmental strategies and set targets to reduce health inequalities.

The full feedback can be found here.

More information is available here.

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