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Evaluation of the support to promoting social inclusion, combatting poverty and any discrimination by the European Social Fund

16 December, 2019
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The European Social Fund (ESF) is the European Union’s main instrument available in EU countries for promoting social inclusion, combating poverty and any discrimination. This public consultation was an integral part of the evaluation of ESF support to promote social inclusion, combat poverty and any discrimination. It seeked feedback from all stakeholders of the ESF in the EU countries, as well as from the wider public.

In our response to this consultation, EuroHealthNet stressed that, although the European Social Fund has played an important role in fostering employability across the EU, persistent disparities within and between countries/regions and certain groups, as well as high and rising in-work poverty rates suggest that the EU policy actions on employment need to be reviewed. Single focus on fragmented labour market policies and skills development are not enough to stabilise work and life conditions for all. To build a productive and resilient society, capable to adapt and withstand economic fluctuations, the ESF should be rooted in holistic approaches that integrate employment with other social inclusion policies, ensuring that no vulnerable groups are left behind. (Un) employment initiatives that reach out towards health and social protection services with an aim to improve health and well-being of people, give them equal opportunities to contribute to a society life-long are good investments.

Find our consultation response here.


ESIF Funds for Health (2018-2019)

EuroHealthNet worked within a consortium of partners on the ESIF for Health project to explore the impacts health investment supported by the ESI funds had on health in 2014-2020 period by mapping Member State programming and project spending.

Read more about the ESIF Funds for Health project here. 

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