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Health politics beyond COVID-19 – European Health Forum Gastein (Virtual) – EuroHealthNet speaking

2 October, 2020
Gastein banner: health politics beyond covid-19

As one of the epicentres of the global COVID-19 pandemic, European countries have found themselves facing a common threat. Nonetheless, it has been challenging to mount an effective and coordinated response that displayed solidarity and good cross-border cooperation.

2 October, 16:30-18:00

In the EHFG 2020 Closing Plenary, organised by EuroHealthNet, we will consider what the crisis means for the future of health in Europe: for public health experts, healthcare workers, and health systems. Does the pandemic threat signal an end to making savings on precious healthcare budgets and the start of greater investment in health and well-being? Does the crisis call for “more Europe” – a greater role for the EU in health and a renewed concentration on shared core values?

We will issue a call to action arguing that now more than ever before it is time for a European Health Union – not least to ensure that across Europe we are prepared for future challenges of the same dimension.

A recording of this session is available here.


European Health Forum Gastein

The 2020 edition of European Health Forum Gastein was titled Dancing with elephants- New partnerships for health, democracy, business, and found place online from 30 September until 2 October.

The determinants of health and well-being are often driven by the interests of big players, which are not always aligned with public health agendas. In order to purposefully engage with these giants while safeguarding the interests of people, we need to conceptualise new partnership models – learn to “dance with elephants” – but we should be careful not to get our toes crushed. The COVID-19 pandemic has put into sharp focus the current fault lines in our systems and highlighted the need for true cross-sector and cross-border collaboration.

Find all recordings of this edition here

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