Making the link: mobile Health (mHealth)

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mHealth is referred to as “medical and public health practices supported by mobile devices”. Mobile devices can now be used to monitor, record, analyse, alerts and communicate health information to reach people and professionals remotely. It may deliver behavioural interventions to support individuals to start, reinforce or reduce specific health behaviours. mHealth has the potential to increase accessibility and to contribute to a more person-focused healthcare system, support shifts towards prevention, and improve system efficiency. It could also contribute to making access to healthcare more equitable.

This issue of Policy Précis takes stock of relevant EU policies and programmes relating to mobile health (mHealth) and the significance for health inequalities. It also looks at best practice and how progress can be made.

This policy précis has been translated in to Italian by DoRS Regione Piemonte (a EuroHealthNet member)


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Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 00