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OECD Conference Well-being and Mental Health – An integrated policy approach (EuroHealthNet speaking)

6 December, 2021 - 9 December, 2021

The OECD Conference Well being and Mental Health is taking place on 06 December – 09 December 2021.

EuroHealthNet representatives Dorota Sienkiewicz and Ingrid Stegeman attend the OECD Conference Well-being and Mental Health – An integrated policy approach.

This conference will bring together policy makers, leading academics, data producers and people with lived experience to deepen understanding of the interrelationships between mental health and people’s economic, social, environmental and relational well-being. The conference outcomes will be used to inform a new OECD project on integrated approaches to well-being and mental health.

Monday 6 December 2021


15:00 – 15.05 Welcome and moderation

Welcome by Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen, OECD Deputy Secretary-General

Moderated by Romina Boarini, Director, OECD WISE Centre

15:05 – 15.30 Keynote: Social determinants of health

Sir Michael Marmot, Director of the UCL Institute of Health Equity

15.30 – 15.50 Lived experience session: How to tackle mental health at work (&life)

Nele Groeger and Luisa Weyrich, Shitshow Mental Health Consultancy

15.50 – 16.00 Coffee break

16.00 – 17.15 Integrated approaches to mental health: where do we stand, where do we need to go next?

Moderated by Stefano Scarpetta, Director, Employment Labour and Social Affairs at the OECD


  • Adam Coutts, Weatherhead scholar (2021 to 2022), Weatherhead Centre for International Affairs, Harvard University, Senior Research Fellow, Magdalene College, University of Cambridge
  •  Alonzo L. Plough, Chief science officer and vice president, Research-Evaluation-Learning, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Emily Hewlett, Policy Analyst, OECD Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs
  • Carrie Exton, Head of Unit, Well-being Data Insights and Policy, OECD WISE Centre
 17.15 – 17.30 Q&A

Find the full agenda here.

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