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On the proposal by the European Commission to establish an European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR).

12 December, 2016

This Position is the overall view of EuroHealthNet, regarding the announcement in 2016 that the European Commission is considering establishment of a “European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR)“. The Position has been adopted by the EuroHealthNet Executive Board.

It is published for the attention of EU Institutions, other international organisations and a wide range of relevant stakeholders at international, national and sub national levels, to help inform them of the relevance and importance of health, equity and wellbeing in this potential development, and to raise awareness for all interested citizens and bodies on the opportunities and challenges this initiative presents.

In addition to this overall Position, EuroHealthNet will also submit and publish its specific evidence based Response related to health and social equity to the online EC Public Consultation in advance of the deadline in December 2016.

Furthermore, EuroHealthNet is engaged in dialogues as part of wider public consultation in Member States and at international levels, for example via the EU Public Health Policy Forum and Platform.

Subsequently, EuroHealthNet will contribute to public and EU Institutional debates on the anticipated “proposal” and “related initiatives” announced by the EC in its 2017 Work Programme.

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