Quality Action was a Joint Action co-funded by the European Commission (2013-2016) that aimed to increase the effectiveness of HIV prevention in Europe using practical Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Improvement (QI) tools. Quality Action developed and adapted QA/QI tools especially for use in HIV prevention.

Quality Action’s partners argued that approaches, interventions and methods for HIV prevention must not only be appropriate to the situation they address, they must also be carried out at a high level of quality to maximise effectiveness.The project trained over 60 trainers and facilitators to support over 80 HIV prevention programmes and projects across the EU that applied the QA/QI tools in practice.

Over the course of a three year period, Quality Action trained more than 400 prevention experts in using the five quality improvement tools which are available in a range of languages. The Quality Action Charter for Quality in HIV Prevention provides key principles for reinforcing the effectiveness of HIV prevention through quality improvement. What is more, practitioners, who had established strong links across 26 EU Member States during the project, committed to continue to improve quality and to coordinate action for the sustainable impact and development of HIV Prevention.

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