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UNESCO Chair Webinar on Health Inequalities and COVID-19

10 December, 2020
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This live webinar will be an opportunity to discuss and interact with Prof. Terje Andreas Eikemo (CHAIN), Prof. Clare Bambra (Newcastle University) and Caroline Costongs (EuroHealthNet).

Historically, pandemics have been experienced unequally with higher rates of infection and mortality among lower educated people, particularly in more socially unequal countries. Emerging evidence suggests that these inequalities are being mirrored today in the COVID-19 pandemic. Both then and now, these inequalities have emerged through the syndemic nature of COVID-19 – as it interacts with and exacerbates existing social inequalities in chronic disease and the social determinants of health. In this webinar we ask if education can be seen as a “social vaccine” against fatal outcomes of the pandemic.

The following three questions will be addressed:

  1. What are the inequalities arising from the pandemic and how is COVID-19 being experienced as a syndemic pandemic?
  2. How can we best protect our populations against the negative social, economic and health-related consequences of the current and future pandemics?
  3. What are the consequences for public health, economic and social policies?

A recording of the webinar is available here.



CHAIN is the Centre for Global Health Inequalities Research, which brings together researchers from all global regions and different research disciplines to advance the current state-of-the-art. It does this by offering new insights from social, laboratory-based and natural experiments into the causal mechanisms linking socioeconomic status and health. It brings together academia, the UN system, civil society and the private sector in a common organisational body to reduce the distance between research, policy and practice.

EuroHealthNet is a partner in CHAIN’s Global Health Inequalities project (2019-2025), which aspires to make CHAIN a world-leading centre and research network for the international study of global health inequalities.

More information and outputs

For more information on CHAIN and its outputs, click here.

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