Background Papers


Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) - Review the impact of chronic disease on the population of pre -(50+) and post -retirement age in the EU


EuroHealthNet – Re-orienting Health Systems: Towards modern, responsive and sustainable health promoting systems


European Public Health and Agriculture Consortium’s (EPHAC) response to “The reform of the CAP towards 2020 - Impact Assessment"


Focusing on obesity through a health equity lens

This report  has been compiled by EuroHealthNet  with the aim of producing  an accessible  source  of  ideas  and  inspiration  for  practitioners  and  policy  makers about  counteracting  obesity  and  improving  health  equity.  The  work  wasfunded under  the  Equity  Channel  special  project  of  EuroHealthNet,which was part of the International Collaboration on Social Determinants of Health, initiated by the Department of Health for England.

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European Public Health and Agriculture Consortium position paper: Towards a healthier, more sustainable CAP