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EuroHealthNet 2014-2020 Work Strategy

This brochure presents the new EuroHealthnet structure for its 2014-2020 work strategy. Through its Strategic Plan 2014 – 2020, EuroHealthnet is planning for a sustainable future and to make a major contribution to health, equity and well-being across Europe. It will implement and promote actions that support the concept of health in all EU policies, programmes and practices. Read our brochure and be aware how to become member or partner!

EuroHealthNet 2014 -2020 Presentation

The brochure presents the new EuroHealthnet structure for 2014-2020. Divided in three pillars, EuroHealthnet - the European Partnership for Improving Health Equity and Well-Being - gives you the choice on how to be involved.


EuroHealthNet Presentation – 2011

EuroHealthNet Projects Presentation - 2011

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Flyer EuroHealthNet - 2009