Egas Moniz Higher Education Cooperative

Contact Information

Antonio Pedro Alves de Matos

Campus Universitario

Quinta da Granja

2829-511 Caparica


Since its onset, Egas Moniz - Cooperativa de Ensino Superior, C.R.L. has been a community of students, teachers and staff, whose mission is “dedicated to the advance in knowledge, learning and education of its students, at the service of improving health conditions for the global society in the 21st Century”. It has been for a long time now a benchmark institution in teaching health in Portugal.

Egas Moniz has been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 Standard since 2010 and it is the body that set up the Egas Moniz Higher Institute of Health Science (University) and the Egas Moniz Higher School of Health (Polytechnic) focusing on training health care professionals and likewise setting itself as a centre for social responsibility, heavily implanted in the local community through the provision of medical care.

As an academic institution our activity is educational and scientific, and we are backed by a teaching body of over 400 highly qualified teachers, who take part in scientific research projects in partnership with national and foreign institutions.