Radboud University Medical Center

Contact Information

Prof. dr. Gerard Molleman
Dr. Gerdine Fransen

Radboud University Medical Center

P.O. Box 9101

NL-6500 HB Nijmegen

The Netherlands

Radboud university medical center specializes in patient care, scientific research, teaching and training in Nijmegen. Its mission is to have a significant impact on health care. They aim to be pioneers in shaping the health care of the future and do this in a person-centered and innovative way.

Radboud university medical center cannot and does not aim to achieve these ambitions on its own. They are convinced of the strength of a sustainable collaborative network with hospitals, health-care centers and knowledge facilities, primary care professionals and other partners.

They are evolving from a university medical center into an academic medical network. Radboud university medical center is taking the lead in this network, which always starts with a joint vision and shared values, and with respect for everyone’s strengths, profile and identity.

In close consultation with this network, the Radboud university medical center will reach joint agreements on how to share and develop knowledge, expertise and facilities, make decisions on who can provide specific types of care, and how they can jointly add value for each patient.
They also share research and teaching responsibilities to the best of their ability. Demonstrably high quality and accessibility of care are the priorities in the networks. In this way, they can achieve their ultimate objective: providing the best and most sustainable care for all patients; close to the patient if possible, further away if necessary.