Alba Godfrey

September 8, 2021
portrait of Alba Godfrey

Alba is part of the Research Platform. She focuses on the area of environmental health and health equity, helping to translate cutting-edge research into policy and practice and advocate for a green and just transition. Alba leads EuroHealthNet’s contribution in a number of Horizon Europe & Horizon 2020 projects, including BEST-COST (on improving methodologies for the socio-economic cost assessment of environmental stressors such as air pollution), PSLifestyle (on co-creating an online tool to enable everyone to take personalised steps towards more sustainable lifestyles), and BlueAdapt (on adapting to climate-change induced changes in our waters in ways that reduce health impacts). Alba also coordinates IMMUNION (“Improving IMMunisation cooperation in the European UNION”), a 3rd Health Programme project which aims to increase vaccine uptake in the EU. When she joined EuroHealthNet in 2019, Alba worked on the Horizon 2020 INHERIT project, which aimed to jointly improve health, equity, and environmental sustainability.  

Before joining EuroHealthNet Alba was a public affairs consultant in Brussels for three years, focusing on health, food and sustainability. Prior to this, she completed a traineeship at the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency and volunteered in a Turkish NGO working on child education and female literacy.  

Alba holds a BA in History from the University of Cambridge, and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam. She is French and British.

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