Gabriella Sutton

September 8, 2021

Gabriella joined EuroHealthNet in July 2021 as a Policy and Practice Officer. Her role is focused on supporting EuroHealthNet’s policy and practice activities, which include fostering collaboration and exchange of promising policies and practices with the organisation’s membership, within the context of EU policy processes.

Gabriella is actively involved in two EU-funded projects:

The Blueprint Alliance for a Future Health Workforce Strategy on Digital and Green Skills” (BeWell) project (2022-2026) aims to build a movement of healthcare stakeholders which support and contribute to the development, implementation, and upscaling of a strategy on the upskilling and reskilling of the European health workforce.

The Schools4Health project (2023-2026), strives to introduce, strengthen, and sustain the adoption of a participatory whole-school/health-promoting school approach to health and wellbeing. It will invest in promising policies and practices that improve healthy lifestyles within school settings, across the socioeconomic gradient, underpinning the main principles of this approach.

Before joining EuroHealthNet, Gabriella was a policy researcher in a Brussels-based public affairs consultancy, primarily focusing on health matters. Prior to that, she was an intern at the WHO Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen, and at the European Parliament Liaison Office in Malta. Gabriella holds a B.Sc in Applied Biomedical Science and a M.A in International Relations from the University of Malta. 

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